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STOREFRONTS & WINDOWS  Does your current sign say “OUT OF BUSINESS” ???  If the lettering is old and faded it may be sending the wrong message to potential customers: that you’re not going to be in business much longer.  Instead of purchasing a new sign, think about refacing your current sign with fresh, sharp vinyl lettering.  We come to your Store, Take photos & measurements of your sign, then create the change and superimpose the Design on the Old Photo for your approval.  When the Sign gets relettered, It looks just like the Proof.  If all you do is create a cleaner sign, it will advertise that you’re still in business, even on the days you’re closed.  And refacing is not only cheaper than a new sign, if all the colors and the message stay the same, normally, there’s no need for a new sign permit.  If New Signage is what you’re looking for, take advantage of various Sign areas on your Building.  ......What they See is What They Get!  Glass Doors - Can offer all kinds of Information: Address, Phone, Fax, Hours of Operation, Website, Affiliations, Emergency Numbers and Logos.  Most Doors are shaded and need white letters, or at least a white outline to stand out.  12” X 24”, 1 Color .............$95.00  24” X 24”, 1 Color ...........$110.00  Additional Colors .................. TBD  Logos ... 1 time Digitizing Charge  Prices include Installation  Windows - Most People are content with a Paper Sign in the Window.  Paper Signs Block the View.  Let People see inside your Store.  Show Permanance with Lettering on your Window.  Window Prices Vary depending on Content.  Call for Estimate Architectural Signs - These signs come in many sizes, shapes, and materials.  Blank Plastic Signs are made from PVC Material 1 - 2” Thick.  They can be mounted on Walls, Posts, Fences or hung from metal Frames.  They can be lettered with Vinyl or Carved and Painted.  They  also come with several architectural extras.  Call to see our complete catalog of Colonial and Victorian Signs.  An inexpensive alternative is Framed Aluminum or Signboard (Plywood with Veneer covering) can be lettered with Vinyl and show no sign of fading for at least 6 years.   COREX Signs - Lightweight, weatherproof, simple.  Signs can either be lettered with vinyl or silkscreened.  Various sizes and Colors to choose from.  All custom made to order.  Some Vinyl signs can be reused and edited when needed.  Left to the elements, they can last a year outdoors.  In addition, signs can also be mounted inside weighted stands that can be placed at the roadside and are wind tolerant.  Most Common size is 18” X 24”  INTERNET SPECIAL  $50 each  2 Colors  Normally $75.00

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