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JeffQuest Design Shop of Sayville.  CUSTOM GRAPHICS & LETTERING  Cell: 516-317-8204  Fax: 631-563-9088  JEFFQUEST@AOL.COM    The JEFFQUEST NETWORK  Imagine…. A “full-time” Art Department ……………paid on a part-time basis.  There are certain requirements that are essential for the success of your business.  Promotion, Marketing, Advertising, and Event planning are key concerns to bring customers into your Office. Hiring a “full time” Advertising person to sit in your office waiting for you to come up with the budget to start advertising may not be economical.  Many businesses have felt the need to reduce spending by using someone who is already employed at their shop to take on the added duty of promoting the business.  But, as a business owner, does it justify your return on investment to assign personnel (with no experience in Promotion) to make an “attempt” at promoting your business properly?  Or, should you hire an outside service that ONLY charges by the task?  I am that outside Service, and I’ve been handling the creative and producing all kinds of Marketing pieces for dozens of Companies just like yours for over 30 years.  Working to be your Company’s Art Department & Internet Center  We Make Your Business …Our Business.  Remember: Express 2 Impress  Do Your Old Signs Say CLOSED?  BOAT NAMES  TRUCKS & VANS  WINDOWS  website design  decals  T Shirt Designs

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